Socialisation and habituation are a very important part of training in a young puppy's life by introducing them to new sights, sounds and smells. By introducing your puppy to traffic noise, cyclists and joggers at an early stage you can help your puppy overcome any early fears/phobias.

Introduction to a variety of stimulants is very important as it can also help puppy's to socialise with other animals on lead such as sheep, cows and horses, as well as other dogs and people.

The training I offer takes place at a different location each week, alternating between urban and rural destinations to support your puppy to discover new things and help them to see how exciting their life can be.

These sessions will be held at 4pm on Saturday, or 2pm on Wednesday. As sessions become full I will arrange different days and times Please contact me to reserve your place and found out where we will be meeting. 


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