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For all dog behaviour cases I carry out a full assessment of the behaviour that is causing the problem. This can take up to 3 hours and may involve tests and observations of the behaviour being presented. All behaviour consultations are carried out in your home and you will be given training guidelines, advice and demonstration on training if required. For this service I charge £50 per hour.

Dog Walking available from Monday to Friday, group walks, or individual walks. Please call to check availability.

Adult dog socialisation sessions run for approximately 1 hour on Saturday afternoons at 2pm in our on site training paddock and cost £15. These sessions are suitable for any dog that wishes to learn how to socialise appropriately with other dogs and people. This session can prove very beneficial to dogs that have a fear of people and other dogs. This is a small group with a maximum of 6 dogs. Please check availability if you are wishing to attend.

Puppy socialisation and habituation training sessions run for approximately 45mins and are held on Saturday afternoons at 4pm at various locations in the local area and cost £10. Puppies can start this training at 13 weeks once they have had all their vaccinations

One to one obedience training is held in our on site training paddock and have a duration of 45 minutes and costs £20 per session which is payable by either cash, cheque or bank transfer, on a day and time to suit you (subject to availability)

One to one puppy training is held in our on site training paddock so it is advisable that your puppy has had their vaccinations before attending. This training is suitable for puppies from 12 weeks up to the age of 12 months.  The sessions last for 45 minutes and cost £20 per session on a day and time to suit you (subject to availability)

One to one training sessions are conducted on days and times to suit you subject to availability. These sessions normally run for one to one and a half hours and cost £50 - £75 and take place at your home.

If you would like advice on choosing the right breed of puppy or dog that will fit in nicely to your family life I can also provide this service. I will research all relevant breeds that would suit your lifestyle, time contraints and allergies, etc, in order to help you make the right decision at a cost of £50 payable in advance by cash, cheque or bank transfer